Deciding On The Dream

We hear a lot about passion and the pursuit of a “Dream” as ones life work because it is common and it makes for great stories, but there is a lot more to realizing your “Dream” than just coming up with an awesome idea of achievement.

Let’s take a moment to approach the subject matter from a logical perspective.

Step 1

Sit down with someone who you respect and trust. Using your brainstorming facilitator of choice – a whiteboard, sticky notes, plenty of water and snacks – list every aspect of what it will take to pursue and realize your “Dream”. Do not exclude any challenge, negative drawbacks in the form of systems and people, but do challenge each other, elaborate, modify and gauge just how far you will have to go from your current reality to achieve your “Dream”.

Step 2

Consider what is important to you pursuing your “Dream” and how you intend to personalize the “Dream” and make it your own. Some of what is important to you may sound common as it relates to the pursuit of normal goals, and others may be unique beyond what is common. Your answers may be somewhat revealing once you take a look at what you have documented, like “Family will think that I am crazy if I do this.” But it’s important that the list reflects everything that you may be subject to in realizing your “Dream”.

Remember, “virtue and discipline” is an universal attribute in most people – the exercise is intended to determine the price you are willing to pay to realize the “Dream.”

Step 3

Now the fun starts. Now you actually have to do something – Document your “Dream” with a specific timeline and sign your name to it.

Next comes what I call your “Rubicon Moment”. Similar to Alexander The Great, you will have to marshal every ounce of substance that you have to make a bold and emphatic statement about what you intend to accomplish by realizing your “Dream”. Now you will be held accountable for your commitment by others outside of yourself.

All of this means that you’re in for a great journey. You can resolve these matters any way that you choose to approach them, but there’s one crucial rule: you cannot move to step 4 and communicate with others about “Sharing The Vision” until you have resolved yourself to the fact that “Failure Is Not An Option”. Just as Alexander The Great stated in his speech to his troops after burning the bridge after they had crossed the Rubicon into enemy territory, ” We will either die here, or this will be the greatest victory of war in history here.” As we know from historical accounts, the Macedonians made war history in one of the greatest war victories known to man. They were outnumbered almost 12:1 in that campaign.

Step 4

You’re nearly there. Now you have to identify your leadership. As is often quoted, “If you consider yourself a leader and there is no one following you, you are merely taking a walk.”

Be sure to set forth that your most sincere interest in those who join you in pursuit of the “Dream” that you have will allow them to fulfill their own dreams, hopes and wishes along they way. That they will be a part of something greater than themselves and most importantly that their core values and beliefs will be honored every step along the way.

Lastly, if you want your “Dream” to endure, begin now mentoring, preparing and training your replacement. Many a legacy has died, because the visionary dream-builder died; and there was no one to carry the “Dream” forward into future generations. Moreover, care more for those who are supporting the “Dream” than you do for your own interest.

Step 5

Plan And Strategizebuild-your-own-dream-social-media-post

This is where “passion” comes in. Omeletto the young African American poet states that it wasn’t that Dr. King had a Dream, “The Dream Had Him” [Omeletto Regrets:]. Will your “Dream” have you? Will it inspire you to drive yourself to new heights each and every day? Will it keep you up at night even when you are mentally and physically exhausted because you can’t sleep until the next milestone is reached?

In closing, I dare you to “Dream”. Even more, I dare you to pursue your “Dream”. Your playing small will not serve the world or the community you live in. There’s nothing enlightening about denying your “Dream” and shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you.